Chianti Trambusti parteciperà alla ESA VII Wine Fair di Tallinn – Estonia con “Vino Rosso & Co.”

Japan’s Seiko watches are on a roll and a slew of new watches for 2020 have something from just about all watch-lovers, whether their timepiece budget is a few hundred dollars or a few thousand. Today, I look at the Seiko Prospex “King Samurai” SRPE35 and SRPE37 watches that build upon the popular Seiko Prospex Samurai collection. The “King” part of the name implies a few welcome upgrades to the core watches, including a ceramic bezel insert, sapphire crystal, and new more attractive, textured dial. Not long ago, I looked at some sister watches of the King Samurai with the Seiko Prospex King Turtle (aBlogtoWatch review here). Those Prospex Turtle watches got the same “King” treatment, including new crystals, bezel inserts, and fancy dial options. Now, fans of Seiko’s distinctive Samurai-style diver’s watch case have reason to celebrate. That said, aside from a different style, the Seiko King Turtle and King Samurai are more or less similar watches at similar price points. So which you choose if you are into these models is more or less entirely about personal taste.


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